5 Takeaways That I Learned About Graphics

Basic Graphic Design Elements That You Need to Learn

There is a level of expertise required in composition of graphic designs as much as they seem simple and easy when you look at them. Most graphic designers use certain elements in their work to make their designs attractive. Some of the elements used by the professionals to create creative designs are briefly highlighted below.

As much as color comes in a variety of composition, hues and shades it is an important element in graphic design. Combining of colors by professional graphic designers is done with the help of a color wheel invented by Sir Isaac Newton. if you are looking to blend colors then consider colors that are next to each other in the color wheel are ideal while opposite colors help give a more bold effect.

Another important element in graphic design is lines since they provide structure and blueprint to graphic work. since they divide elements in a page. When lines are used in several layers they can also have a layered effect.

It is also not uncommon to see shapes in graphic designs and they can either be geometric shapes or organic shapes. Organic shapes are mostly wiggly and uneven and they are mostly used to make undefined objects unbound using the rules of uniformity. Uniform proportions are on the other hand created with the help of geometric shapes.

Contrast is another element of graphic design and it involves comparing elements by putting them together side by side. Without contrast, everything would look the same and that is why this element removes boredom and gives clarity to the designs. The viewer is able to appreciate compositions when contrast is used.

Scale is an important element in composition and it is the relationship between elements. With scale, a designer is able to set a focal point by making the viewer attracted to certain element. The artist can draw the attention of the viewer to specific places when they use scale appropriately.

Space is another element in graphic designs since it determines how elements are grouped. Space is important because it defines the empty area between elements in design composition and without it, the design can confuse the viewer and the message can easily be lost. When the spacing between elements is balanced, the designs look uniform and are easy to look at.

An imaginary axis that connects design elements together is known as alignment and it is also another important element for graphic designers. alignment helps you get balance with your visual representation especially when texts are used. It is easy to have more than one alignment pattern if you are looking to have a sophisticated layering effect.

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