Why Entrepreneurs Aren’t As Bad As You Think

The Leaders in Wellness Entrepreneurship

The wellness industry has been on an upward trend regarding growth for some time now. From the projections, it can only get better. Startups that cover the wellness needs are also on the same trajectory. There is a more relevant bond forming between holistic approaches to healthy living and technological advances. These startups are there to ensure that bond is strong. Of these startups, there are those that are simply revolutionary.

Habit is one of them. It succeeds in bringing a more personalized dieting service to its clients. This used to be an exclusive club for the few. Habit breaks down that wall by using a system that depends on you biometric data. The app shall ask for your health goals, then come up with the needed foods for the attainment, which it shall thus arrange for the ingredients to be sent to your house. This way, you won’t have to go looking for those ingredients, and neither will you suffer through the considerations involved.

Babylon is an app that will enable you to communicate with a doctor after you have installed it. You will connect online to get a diagnosis from them. You can also get the prescription delivered as early as the same day. It also connects you to your therapists.

Mobot is the combination of a water bottle and a foam roller. It helps you stay hydrated and to deal with stiff muscles from sitting down for too long. It is a well-designed bottle that shall be immediately appealing to many people.

Orthly is also an app, designed to make it easy to manage orthodontics. You get to scan your teeth to see the effect of the aligners you have on. This is a cheaper way than going for an expensive appointment to find this out.

Access to birth control for women is made easier using Nurx. The app enables them to apply for a prescription, have a doctor sign off on it. And get it shipped to their homes. It can also arrange for insurance for those how have none.

Brandless aims to be the company that offers customers products that in the plainest form of packaging. The labels on the groceries they deliver only has important information on it. They are also the cheapest around since they have no advertising budget.

Zocdoc also brings patients and doctors closer. Zocdoc is a services comparison platform on which you assess healthcare provision and choose your preference, which happens in real time with real doctors. You can even get a specialist for your specific symptoms.

Yoga students have their niche covered by Yogi Surprise. It takes the love for hot yoga to another level, by offering subscription boxes to the clients, through which you will be getting tools, supplements and other products on a monthly basis. These products are of organic and holistic nature, to help you on your quest for a healthier life.

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