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Reasons For Having An Inmate Pen Pal

Pen pals help inmates to keep in touch with the outside world. People can be incarcerated for all sorts of reasons so one should not assume that all incarcerated individuals are horrible people. All individuals need friendship regardless of whether they have been incarcerated or not. The benefits of friendship are that it helps people to socialize with others and thrive. When people share their life, they can be able to benefit emotionally. Friendship can be emotionally satisfying for individuals. Friendship with incarcerated individuals can also be beneficial because people will share their experiences.

It is a good learning experience for individuals to become pen pals with incarcerated individuals because they can learn from their examples. Incarcerated individuals can get hope when they see that other people are concerned about them and they may see that the future is brighter. It is inspiring to an incarcerated individual when people want to communicate with them and this may cause them to make positive changes in their lives. Becoming a pen pal with an incarcerated individual is a loving act that can get rid of the hate that an incarcerated individual may have. Some of the reasons that drive people to prison is a difficult upbringing and not having people to love them but pen pals can show love. Writing letters to an incarcerated individual can give them self-worth and show them that they are valuable individuals when people communicate with them.

Some of the people who communicate with incarcerated individuals through letters include community groups as well as churches. By becoming the friend of an incarcerated individual, people can be able to evangelize to the prisoners. To avoid incarcerated individuals taking advantage of pen pals by asking for gifts, letters are normally monitored in the prison. Pen pals may act as the only family to incarcerated people who don’t have any family or friends. Incarcerated people may get some help with issues that they are dealing with when they get letters from pen pals. Some of the people who can offer counseling to incarcerated individuals are pastors and counselors when they exchange letters.

Exchanging letters can be good for incarcerated individuals because they may not become depressed about their lives. This is because they will not have feelings of loneliness. People can have a chance to make a difference in another person’s life such as an incarcerated individual when they exchange letters. In order to become well informed about the person one will communicate with, one should find out why a person is in prison.

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